Wormholes: The New Way To Travel?


The formula above is just a portion of the equations Dr. Peter Kuhfittig of the University of Wisconsin is using to prove that we could produce transversable wormholes.  His paper, which can be read here, opens with this definition for wormholes: “Wormholes may be defined as handles or tunnels in the spacetime topology linking widely separated regions of our Universe or of different universes altogether.”

The paper is a major step forward in human wormhole creation and travel.  The possibilities of wormhole travel are endless, but while many of the outcomes could be favorable to mankind, there are also a plethora of risks.

Dramatization of wormhole travel.

The Loki Times has covered UFO activity, trans-dimensional events, and Shadow People for sometime and it appears clear to us and other experts that wormholes are already being used by non-human intelligences to travel vast distances and to jump between different dimensions.  By producing our own wormholes, we might invite unwanted visitors into our world.  If you haven’t seen or read The Mist, we strongly recommend you do to get a glimpse of one such possibility.

Nonetheless, the benefits of mastering wormhole travel more than likely outweigh the risks, especially considering the alarming rate at which Earth’s population is growing while its resources shrink.  Wormhole travel will give us the opportunity to cultivate new human worlds and resources that could save us from our current crises.

Stay tuned to The Loki Times for continued coverage of wormhole news.

Possible Shadow Person Sighting In Kansas Gym

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What would they want with a gym?


Our experts won’t confirm the sighting as a shadow person because the images don’t represent the usual shadow person look.  Our paranormal agents think it could simply be a ghost, or something else.  We have investigators on the ground checking into it.

What do you think?

Unexplained Flow of Matter Racing Through Outer Space

Scientists Detect Mysterious River of Matter in Space.

It appears that huge amounts of matter are racing through space in the same direction, and there is no explanation as to what is the cause.  Scientists are referring to the phenomenon as ‘dark flow’.


The matter is speeding along at a steady clip of almost 2 million mph.  Some researchers speculate that whatever is pulling the matter must be massive, and that objects outside our observable universe could be the cause.

The Loki Times science experts are not surprised by the find.  They say it’s just one more feather in the cap of theories about parallel universes and other dimensions.

The discovery comes at an interesting time in history.  As we’ve reported, strange events have been happening all over our universe.  When these events are taken as a whole, a disturbing picture of reality takes shape.

Trans-Dimensional expert Dr. Rufus Barnes sees a connection between the river of matter, Shadow People, and the crisis on Wall Street.  According to Dr. Barnes, “Our money is disappearing, and we have several reasons to believe a massive conspiracy between Shadow People, the Illuminati, and our world leaders is afoot.  The reports of this discovery surface right as the Bush administration is preparing to send 700 billion dollars of tax payer money into the financial institutions of Wall Street, and this strikes me as more than a bit odd.  I believe our money could be part of this mysterious flow of matter.  It’s simply disappearing from our universe, and the Shadow People might be responsible.  They are trying to destroy our global economy.  We still don’t know why.”

Dr. Barnes says his organization, Trans-D, is working around the clock to find more information.

This discovery raises even more concerns about the state of our dimension.  The Loki Times thinks one of the most important questions is, what could the massive objects in parallel universes be?  Are forces beyond our comprehension causing the dark flow?

Read about ‘dark flow’ at Space.com.

Wall Street Financial Collapse And Shadow People. The Real Story.

Economic Anarchy.  Shadow People and Illuminati Masterminds of Chaos.


While most people view the global financial shake up as the result of the mortgage crisis, credit crunch, and a variety of other economic woes, The Loki Times believes something more sinister is at play.

Don’t you find it a little too convenient nobody seems to know what the hell is going on with Wall Street?  Sure, so-called ‘experts’ have been pontificating about the situation endlessly in the news, but its just a bunch of gibberish.  Nobody really knows what’s going on.  Did you ever think that’s because those in power don’t want you to know?

We’re afraid this could be the case.  Loki Times‘ sources say the Illuminati, the mysterious organization in control of the world’s economic and government institutions, are in league with the Shadow People.  In case you haven’t been following our stories, the Shadow People are a group of powerful trans-dimensional travelers looking for a new dimension to live in.

Don’t believe us?  Let’s take a look at what’s been happening:

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in Shadow People reports from around the world.

The Large Hadron Collider’s network is hacked.

Astronomers discover a super massive black hole in the heart of radio galaxy Fornax A, which could be a portal to other dimensions.

The list goes on.  And now, the collapse of Wall Street and the following proposed bail out by the government that will use tax payers dollars to shore up the bad debt crumbling beneath the world’s largest financial institutions.

What does all this add up to?  One hell of a bad scenario.  If our sources are correct, government officials controlled by the Illuminati, who are in turn controlled by the Shadow People, could be playing out this whole tragedy for the purpose of distracting the everyday person from the truth staring them straight in the eye.  Our world is about to change.  The Shadow People are coming.

Mysterious Line of Galaxies Found In Space

Dark Matter Bridge in Cosmic Void Seems to Organize Isolated Dwarf Galaxies, Suggestive of Intelligent Design.  Could be connected to LHC, Shadow People, and several other breaking stories at The Loki Times.


Astronomers Adi Zitrin and Noah Brosch of Tel Aviv University discover a string of 14 galaxies deep in a cosmic void of space.  The galaxies form a straight line about 1.5 million light years long.

The discovery is shocking because the galaxies are too far apart to suggest they are held in line by their own gravitational pull.  In fact, all the galaxies are small dwarfs with relatively low gravitational pull.  They also appear to have started forming stars at the exact same time.  So what is keeping them in line?  And how could 14 distant dwarf galaxies all fire up their star factories in sync with one another?  Researchers theorize they’re held together by a bridge of mysterious dark matter and this could be influencing their interactions.  The Loki Times thinks something else could be at play.

The Loki Times astronomy experts believe an immense alien intelligence beyond our comprehension is at work.

Resident space biologist Allen Gringholm said the following: “I recently spoke about alien space dust that is raining down on earth.  This dust is concrete evidence of immense cosmic entities who’s make up is beyond our imagination.  We must, as humans, rethink our narrow definition of life so we might comprehend the size of these alien gods.  I have no doubt in my mind there are space beings, massive creatures, some perhaps as large as planets, with intelligent will who are acting as shepherds in space.  The discovery of this organized formation of 14 disparate yet organized dwarf galaxies deep in the cosmic void suggests this very idea.  Is it so far fetched that these super intelligent beings might have found a way to control entire galaxies?  But for what purpose, we might never know.”

The discovery happens to come at a time when Shadow People sightings are on the rise and the Large Hadron Collider is about to be turned on.  Smigel Von Hoffenpott, our resident quatum psychologist and co-chairman of scientific watchdog group Sars-FR, believes there could be a connection.  “Take what we’ve seen recently,” said Hoffenpott.  “Our dimension is being infiltrated by Shadow People.  We are opening portals to other dimensions with the Large Hadron Collider.  Evidence of immense cosmic beings lies right in front of our eyes.  Increased paranormal activity around the world.  The list goes on.  I believe that whatever entities might be controlling these galaxies could be the pulling the stings behind it all.  We’ll just have to wait and see if their intentions are hostile.”

The wealthy UFOlogist group UFOR.a.YOU said only the following in response to our inquiries for their thoughts on the matter:

“UFOR.a.YOU is not answering any questions regarding cosmic space gods or the galaxy string discovered deep in space at this time.” – Sincerely, UFOR.a.YOU Public Information Officer #98374″

Stay tuned to The Loki Times for continuing coverage of these events.

Read the article at New Scientist about the galaxy string.

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