Pros and Cons: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

(do not try transcranial magnetic stimulation at home)

Scientists studying a process called transcranial magnetic stimulation say electromagnetic coils can be used to stimulate and affect brain tissue.  The coils generate rapidly changing magnetic fields, and researchers say they can control these fields to either excite or inhibit brain tissue and cells.


There are several pros and cons about further development of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technology.


1.      Treating patients with brain damage, like people in comas and minimally conscious states.

2.      Activating parts of our brain we never use consciously, which might give us abilities like telekinesis and telepathy.

3.      Increasing brain power.


1.      An accident with a TMS machine could cause an EMF explosion which could inhibit brains in the blast radius.

2.      In the wrong hands, the technology might be used as a weapon.  For example, a megalomaniac could use it to gain super brain powers, or to inhibit and even control other people’s brains.

The CONS are of particular concern to The Loki Times.  If you recall, we recently wrote about research conducted by the High Magnetic Fields Research Laboratory to develop super strong magnets (read here).  Beside our theory the super-magnets might be used to capture UFO’s, we now worry the magnets could also be used to power a TMS machine for remote mind control, or worse yet, as a weapon to inhibit and reduce brain power around the world.  We’ll keep you posted on developments regarding this story as our investigation develops.


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