Alien Civilization Hiding on Saturn’s Rings?

Amazing pictures taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft show colossal vertical structures on the rings of Saturn.  Researchers claim the massive shapes are the downtown area of an alien city.

saturn-cityThe images are a groundbreaking step forward in our ongoing search for extraterrestrial life.  Dave Standforth of the Lovecraft Institute for Extreme Exploration says the pyramid shape of some of the buildings in the alien city lend credibility to Erich Von Daniken‘s ancient astronaut theory, which believes the Egyptians built the pyramids with the help of alien intelligences.

“This discovery demands the immediate preparation of a manned flight to Saturn’s rings to make contact with these aliens who could have seeded our planet,” says Dave Standforth.  He added, “We haven’t a moment to lose as we approach the year 2012, the year of the proposed Mayan apocalypse.  Our institute is troubled by the sudden appearance of these alien structures. Remember that Von Daniken’s ancient astronaut hypothesis believes the Mayans had contact with aliens as well.  Could this be a sign of the apocalypse?  We don’t know, but we need to ask these aliens.”

What do you think?  Could aliens be living on Saturn’s rings?

Read about the discovery here.


Scientists Have Evidence Aliens Prevented 20th Century Apocalypse

Did alien guardians prevent an apocalyptic event in the early 20th century?  That’s what Russian scientist Dr. Yuri Labvin claims in an extraordinary new theory about the Tunguska Event of 1908.

The brief synopsis of the mysterious Tunguska Event is that on June 30, 1908, a massive explosion occured above a remote region of Siberia, leveling over 80 million trees across a hundred square mile area.  The explosion is estimated to have been equivelant to several A-Bombs.  The catalyst for the explosion remains a big unknown.  Read more here.

Dr. Labvin, president of the Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation, says he has evidence that the explosion was caused by an alien spacecraft colliding with a massive meteor on a collision course with earth.  By exploding the massive meteor before it crashed into our planet, Dr. Labvin says the aliens saved humanity.

Dr. Labvin’s evidence is several quartz slabs discovered at the site of the explosion which are engraved with strange symbols.  According to Dr. Labvin, we do not possess the technology to create the intricate geometric shapes carved on the quartz slabs.  Tests with lasers were unsuccessful at duplicating the designs.  He claims the slabs are debris from the alien spaceship, possibly part of the ship’s navigation controls.

alienpanelAre these alien navigation controls?

We should all take a moment to think of the brave alien astronauts who saved our planet on that fateful day in 1908.  We don’t know about you, but we feel safer knowing extraterrestrial intelligences are looking out for us.  Read more here.

What do you think?


Good News: Our Brains Could Be Bigger

May 26, 2009 by The Loki Man · 1 Comment
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The laws of thermodynamics show that human brains have room to grow.  Faced with endless stories of human stupidity day in and day out, this is good news.

brainsizeThe report at the arXiv blog (read here), compares brains to computer chips.  There is a limit to the size of most computer chips because the larger the chip, the more cooling it requires.  The same can be said for our brains.  We encounter a size limit when the amount of energy required for cooling becomes unsustainable and inefficient.  Some computer chip makers say we are fools to produce faster and faster chips because of these inevitable cooling problems (once again, good news for anyone who fears a robot apocalypse).

But, calculations by theoritical neurobiologists show that our brains could be much larger.

Are our brains growing?  How can we tell?

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Scientists Prepare to “See” Black Holes

A report from New Scientist details how astronomers plan to ‘see’ black holes by visualizing high energy light emitted from matter as it is swallowed into the event horizon (the point beyond which not even light can escape the singularities gravitational pull).

What will our response be if we see a Romulan warship exiting a black hole? Are we prepared to gaze past the event horizon?

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Ongoing Research Excerpts from DARPA’s Strategic Plan

DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) recently released a 50+ page strategic plan highlighting some of the most advance research projects it is currently undertaking.  On page 9, section 2.6, DARPA outlines a “short list” of ongoing research.  We list the highlights here.

  1. High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System – You heard it here.  These are small high power laser weapons, i.e. weapons that shoot energy beams at the speed of light.  That’s fast.
  2. High Productivity Computing Systems – a.k.a. Super computers a.k.a. SKYNET from the Terminator mythos.
  3. Machine Learning – Cognitive machines.  Hmmm.  Again, we’ll reference SKYNET and Terminator.
  4. Neuroscience – In specific, projects that’ll create brain-machine interfaces.  Is this putting us one step closer to The Matrix?
  5. Real-Time Accurate Language TranslationTower of Babel my ass.
  6. Space, here we come.

Scary, but real, stuff.  You can find the full report here.

Which one of these research projects would you most like to see come to fruition?


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